Founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1984, LESSA® the consumable division of AB Medica Group S.A., as always pursue one goal, becoming your unique partner for top quality / price medical consumables.

Specialized in the production of MEDICAL RECORDING PAPERS, we have become a global benchmark and can manufacture them for all the tests (ECG, EEG, CTG, Monitoring, Stress Test etc.) and all the brands and the models of equipement. We actually reference papers for more than 900 models of medical equipment and can produce all the medical recording papers your clients request.

Special productions or OEM productions are also possible according to the client specifications, applying the necessary techniques and controls.

Today our products portfolio also include among others:

Sole manufacturer in Spain with a full presence in our national market, LESSA® consumables are now distributed in more than 80 countries across the five continents through a solid distributors network and some large end customers.

LESSA® products meet the current legislation, are CE marked and guaranteed with the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification standards, specific to the health sector. The latest production techniques and technology allow a constant evolution of our products, to achieve an unbeatable quality and competitiveness in the market.


Bisphenol A (BPA Free) is a toxic component of plastics present in virtually all food packaging today. In order to protect consumers, and especially workers, from the harmful effects of exposure to this compound, LESSA® goes beyond this legal obligation and throughout 2019 will manufacture all its references with Bisphenol A free paper (BPA free). Users can verify that the paper they receive belongs to this new category of paper if the symbol shown on the left appears on its label. More information .


Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for all your needs of top quality / price medical consumable and partner with us to grow your business with the distribution of the products we manufacture.

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